Instrument Rentals

 Big Note makes it easy and affordable to rent band and orchestra instruments online

Simply select your beginner, intermediate, or pro level instrument and get started playing right away. Delivery is free, and you can order important accessories at the same time.  Rentals include an easy “no-shipping charge” repair and maintenance plan, too!

  • 1.  Click “Rent My Instrument” below to get started with your easy online rental.

  • 2.  Select your instrument and purchase books & supplies at the same time.

  • 3.  We deliver your instrument and supplies right to your school or home.

Better savings over any local competitor.

Quality Brand Names: Conn, Selmer, Holton, King, Jupiter, Armstrong, and more.
Competitive Rates:  $25-$35 per month for primary instruments
Maintenance Program:  Big Note Mobile Instrument Repair Service
On-line Rental Process:  Secure and Convenient for students and parents.
Early Purchase Discount:  50% off the remaining balance. * Best discount in the market.
Accessories and Books:  All supplies available through the website too.