Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mobile Instrument Repair?

Big Note Mobile Instrument Repair brings the repair shop to your school. Our mobile repair shop is actually a mobile repair bus where we have an extensive collection of all the tools and supplies required to do repairs on-site. Our factory trained and certified repair technician will visit your school and repair any brass, woodwind, string or percussion instruments that are in need of service.

Do you repair instruments owned by students as well as schools?

Yes. While schools do contract with Big Note to repair their school-owned inventory, we are happy to provide repair services for instruments owned by individuals. Visit our online Mobile Instrument Repair section to schedule and pay for your repair service call. We will repair the instrument on our next visit to your school. Payment is required in advance for the basic service level as determined by instrument type.

How often will you visit my school?

Based on your needs, we would like to offer you weekly service. Each Mobile Repair Bus will be assigned a daily route, based on school “clusters”. If you have special circumstances, please contact Big Note and we will do everything we can to accommodate your needs.

How do students pay?

We require payment in advance for the basic service charge as determined by instrument type. In the event that required repair costs exceed the basic charge, our technician will contact you with the estimated final amount for the repair. No work will be performed without approval. We accept all major credit cards through our payment system.

How do schools pay?

The Big Note technician will provide an electronic receipt upon completion of the work. Purchase Orders, checks, credit cards or electronic payments are accepted.

What other items are stocked on your repair trucks?

Each Mobile Repair Vehicle has an inventory of the most popular accessories at competitive prices. We stock reeds, oils, cleaning supplies, mouthpieces, and more. If you have a special request, we can special order nearly any item you will need for your program.

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